Sex Therapy

Some relationship problems arise that involve intimacy or sexual dysfunction.   Long-term relationships such as marriage, are a great test of cooperation, and no test of cooperation is greater than intimacy and sex with a partner.

It takes a lot to be intimate. It takes trust, vulnerability, courage, kindness, and generosity, and of course, function. Sex therapy addresses issues that hinder intimacy. No matter what is causing one’s love life to wane, sex therapy can improve and often times even heal sexual dysfunction.

Men and women are emotionally more alike than we think, but sexual function and expression is altogether different. Sexual function issues that primarily affect men are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low (or hyper) sexual arousal. Function issues that primarily affect women are pre-orgasmic disorder, painful intercourse (which could have several causes), and low (or hyper) sexual arousal.

Expression problems for both men and women involve level of desire, preferences in fantasy life, sensual touching and receiving, creativity and variety

Sex therapy addresses both function and emotional issues so that greater satisfaction occurs in the relationship as well as in sexual experience and function. Sex therapy is a confidential, educational and directive approach. Whether the problem addressed in sex therapy is about function or expression, clients will experience a greater level of function and satisfaction from the therapy process. 


Frequently Asked Questions
As with any form of therapy, potential clients often have questions: What is Sex Therapy? Is is right for me? Do I go with my partner or alone? What sort of training & background does my therapist have?

We've compiled the most common initial questions here. If you still have questions or concerns, please contact us and we will happily give you the information you need!

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