Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous To Your Mental Health

Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous To Your Mental Health Notes


In this book Dr. Glasser explains that psychiatry, lured by billions of drug industry dollars, has completely rejected mental health for the false and hazardous concept of mental illness. He explains that the basic human problem is not mental illness, it is unhappiness.  The book is written for anybody who takes psychiatric drugs, is involved in any kind of psychiatric treatment, or is unhappy and doesn’t know how to regain his or her mental health.  Based on Choice Theory®, this book can supplement counseling or be used instead of counseling.



1. Remember to add "I am choosing to say or do" before every sentence.
2. Remember that Depressing and Angering are actions that are chosen.
3. Choices:
    a. Good choices bring us closer to all people we want to be close to
    b. Bad choices tend to separate us from those people
4. 7 deadly habits of external control/choice theory alternatives
    a. Criticizing/supporting
    b. Blaming/encouraging
    c. Complaining/listening
    d. Nagging/accepting
    e. Threatening/trusting
    f. Punishing/inspecting
    g. Rewarding to control/negotiating differences
5. All we do from birth to death is behave; all our behavior is total behavior and all behavior is chosen.
    a. Four components of total behavior
        i. Acting
        ii. Thinking
        iii. Feeling
        iv. Your physiology



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