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Love, and the feeling of warmth, is the consequence of a good relationship, not its cause.

Kindness implies a genuine respect for another individual. It does not require submission.

By not being preoccupied with resentment of the condition in which we find ourselves, we can spot the area where change and Improvement are possible.

We will never know what we can do until we do it.

We become free when we stop being concerned with our failures and successes.

We find ourselves when we forget ourselves.

Fear does not avoid danger - - it invites it.

All behavior has a purpose, a goal.

No habit is maintained if it loses its purpose.

Guilt feelings are good intentions we did not have in the first place.

We can maintain symptoms only if we fight against them.

Our emotions are the steam which we give ourselves in order to fortify ourselves in the direction in which we want to move.

Our emotions always support our real Intentions.

We can only decide what we will do, not what others should do.

Permissiveness ignores the need for order.

Knowing what not to do is a great help in determining what should be done.

Life exists only at this moment; fulfilling life means meeting any given situation adequately.

We need to have the courage to be imperfect.

We learn from our mistakes only if we are not afraid to make mistakes.

We need to recognize the tremendous power which lies in all of us which we cannot use if we feel victimized.

To be human does not mean to be right, does not mean to be perfect - - - but to be useful, to make contributions, not for oneself but for others.

All our problems are social problems.

No problem is too difficult once it is recognized as a common task.

We constantly encourage or discourage those around us and, thereby, contribute materially to their greater or lesser ability to function well.

We have harmony only among equals.

There is no ill of democracy which cannot be cured by more democracy.



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