I first came to Geri’s office in a desperate attempt to repair my relationship with my 13 year old son. I was in my first serious relationship since divorcing his dad 12 years ago, and he was angry. By the time I got to therapy, I was convinced my son hated me and our relationship had been damaged beyond repair.

Geri’s approach was very different, in a refreshing kind of way. After talking to both of us, together and separately, Geri gave me some tips that at first took me by surprise. I was to stop reacting to my son’s constant “poking”, and be kind but firm.

In a nut shell, I learned that my reactions to my son’s behavior were in fact the fuel to the fire. I needed to stop treating him like a little boy and start treating him like a young man. The concept was foreign to me at first and it definitely took some effort.

Seven months later, I look back at that first therapy session and almost can’t believe how much has changed. My relationship with my son is better than it has ever been, we talk, we do things together, we have a special bond. I see the love in his gestures now, in a way I was never able to see before. I am amazed at how much he has grown and matured, once I showed him I had confidence in him.

Other challenges came along the way, and I have been able to handle it all and grow in the process with Geri’s guidance and the wise Adlerian principles.