I always felt I had very good control of my life. I felt that there was never a situation that I could not handle or control. I spent numerous years in school, and always excelled. I personally thought real life would be similar, and I would again excel. I was wrong.


I had numerous personal problems that almost destroyed me physically and mentally. I came to the conclusion that I needed professional help in order to survive. I was blessed to have the opportunity to meet Dr. Evans and Geri Carter. They are probably the reason I'm here and able to write this testimonial. I strongly believe that everyone will run into struggles in life; relationships, children, work etc. The list goes on. Seeking professional help will not only help you manage these challenges, but it will allow you a fuller, richer and happier existence. Without hesitation, I would recommend Carter and Evans. I believe they are the best in community but also nationally.

A very thankful client.