Looking back we realize now that our marriage was on the brink of ending for good. One of us was extremely unhappy and the other didn’t see it. I could now write a book on the issues and problems that took us down that awful and sad path. At the end of the proverbial “line”, and right before our marriage imploded for good, we had only one choice left. We could give up and walk away, only to repeat our “dance” in other future relationships, or we could do the more difficult thing, fight for our marriage and stop our destructive cycle.

Finding the right help would be paramount if we were to succeed - because we had one last shot at this. We needed a coach to help us through the hard times and to help us to identify that there were still good parts of our relationship left to nurture. Personally, I needed to know that I wasn’t alone…that every other relationship out there wasn’t as perfect as I thought it was. I (we) learned that marriage is hard work…and repairing a disconnected marriage is even harder. I must say, for the edification of the people reading this, that Dr. Tim Evans and Geri Carter run a “no BS” practice. There are no “shortcuts” and there is no magic pill. However, if you are prepared to grow as a person and are courageous enough to do the hard work to make your marriage (and all your relationships) better then I encourage you to take the first easy step in this process…spending an hour with one of them. You may be surprised where it takes you…and how much better you will feel about what lies ahead.

Tim and Geri asked me to write what you are reading at the moment. I thought long and hard about the words I have used because for these words to be successful they have to call you to take action. There is a common saying; “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten”. The fact that you are reading this means you are unhappy with something in your life, and likely that is a close relationship you have (or don’t have). Tim and Geri will help you see things differently. They will teach you things that will challenge your past view of your marriage, your relationships, and yourself. You will begin a journey that will never end…but it is worth every step along the way. It saved our marriage and made it better and stronger – it can do the same for yours too if you have the courage to try.

From a married couple, working together in their business.
Length in counseling: Intensive for 6 months.
Weekly for 3 months. Now monthly.