Looking back we realize now that our marriage was on the brink of ending for good. One of us was extremely unhappy and the other didn’t see it. I could now write a book on the issues and problems that took us down that awful and sad path. At the end of the proverbial “line”, and right before our marriage imploded for good, we had only one choice left. We could give up and walk away, only to repeat our “dance” in other future relationships, or we could do the more difficult thing, fight for our marriage and stop our destructive cycle.

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I always felt I had very good control of my life. I felt that there was never a situation that I could not handle or control. I spent numerous years in school, and always excelled. I personally thought real life would be similar, and I would again excel. I was wrong.


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I have known Dr. Tim Evans and Geri Carter for many years.  Their continued support and professionalism has helped me through the toughest parts of my life--my divorce and subsequent problems with my family.  Most importantly, they helped me realize I have choices in my life--with relationships, health and happiness.  I am confident that whenever a situation arises, I can count on their invaluable views.


My husband and I have a new relationship thanks to Geri. The tools and philosophy we adopted saved our marriage from negative and contemptuous thinking, actions and ultimately divorce. You can change the way you think and therefore feel – it is true! Take yourself and your marriage to a higher level.


Dear Tim,

I was hoping to set up another appointment with you prior to the end of my insurance. But that was not possible.

The divorce is finally final. I am still shell shocked by all of the continued, crap. I keep expecting more. But I throw those thoughts in my boxes on the shelf in my mind as much as I can.

I guess the most profound dates for me were the ‘drive the dagger home’ day, where you helped him to say he had no intentions of working on our relationship. He had given up that along time ago. And the other day was the comment you made, “It’s him not you.”

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I first came to Geri’s office in a desperate attempt to repair my relationship with my 13 year old son. I was in my first serious relationship since divorcing his dad 12 years ago, and he was angry. By the time I got to therapy, I was convinced my son hated me and our relationship had been damaged beyond repair.

Geri’s approach was very different, in a refreshing kind of way. After talking to both of us, together and separately, Geri gave me some tips that at first took me by surprise.

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