We are confronted with the fact that parents are ill prepared to raise socially and emotionally sound children. It seems that Homo Sapiens of the twentieth century, particularly in the United States, has lost a knowledge which all other creatures on the earth possess, namely, how to raise their young. The simplest routines of social living become perplexing problems. Many parents find it difficult to get the children up in the morning and to school on time, or to bed at night, without scolding and fighting.
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1 'Anatomy Of An Epidemic': Could Psychiatric Drugs Be Fuelling A Mental Illness Epidemic?
2 Consistency in Parenting
3 Horse and Buggy Schools and Psychology
4 Kids Have a Purpose for Their Behavior
5 Learn To Stop The War And Have Fun Together Instead
6 Monday’s With Kelly
7 Natural Consequences
8 Organizing Family Meetings
9 Raising Children In A Democracy
10 Science and Drugs for ADHD
11 Social Interest In Children
12 Some Obstacles To Use Of More Effective Parent Techniques
13 Suggestions for Changing Family Relationship With Your Teenager
14 Teenage Suicide: A Family Oriented Approach
15 The Battle Over Homework
16 The Fallacy of Parent Responsibility
17 The Myth about Homework
18 The Predicament of Motherhood
19 The Sin of Jealous Competition
20 U.S. Educational System Destined for Failure
21 Understanding and Helping Children Who Manifest Symptoms That Meet the Criteria for the Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Diagnosis
22 Use of Antipsychotics in Children Is Criticized