William Glasser Institute website

The mission of The William Glasser Institute is to teach all people choice theory and to use it as the basis for training in reality therapy, Glasser Quality Schools and lead-management.

Florida Adlerian Society website

The Florida Adlerian Society [FAS] is an organization that encourages and promotes education about Adlerian Psychology (also called Individual Psychology) based on the work of Alfred Adler.

Urban Body

...The Men's Clothing Studio.
"The Urban Body refers to the tribal family of friends and ac­quaint­ances we’ve developed as we strike out on our own in life and congregate in urban centers around the globe."

Heart Gallery of Pinellas & Pasco

The mission of the Heart Gallery of Pinellas & Pasco is to provide an emotionally safe way to connect children with families through a traveling exhibit featuring the faces and stories of local foster children ready for adoption.

Todd Couples Superstore, Tampa, FL