All Conscious Behavior is Chosen for A Purpose


Seven Caring Habits of Choice Theory:

1. Listening 4. Befriending
2. Supporting 5. Trusting
3. Encouraging 6. Accepting
7. Always Negotiating Agreements  

Seven Deadly Habits of Choice Theory

1. Criticizing 5. Threatening
2. Blaming 6. Punishing
3. Complaining 7. Bribing or Rewarding to Control
4. Nagging  

Seven Miserable Behaviors of Choice Theory

1. Depressing 5. Complaining
2. Anxieting 6. Withdrawing
3. Angering 7. Drinking
4. Criticizing  


What you say or do will preserve or harm the relationship between you and your spouse.

What you say or do will bring you closer or further apart from your partner.

From William Glasser

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