How to navigate your divorce with confidence

It must not be overlooked that divorce itself is a marital problem and hence can be solved only by cooperation between husband and wife. In any marriage, it's the last cooperative effort. If couples cannot realize it's a common task solved by cooperation, they will go from an unhappy marriage to a miserable divorce marked by years of friction, hardship, and misery.

We provide information on managing:

• The Legal and Emotional Aspects of Divorce
• What to Expect and How the Legal System Works
• Co-Parenting through and After Divorce
• Ending the Relationship and Relating Differently to Your Spouse
• How to Start Over and Function as a Newly Single Person

We provide information on:

• Employing Mental Health as the Criteria for Divorce
• Knowing that, Yes, You Can be Happy and What is Required
• Keeping Your Spouse and Litigation from Controlling You!
• Strategies that Work in Mediation and Family Law

We provide these services:

• Divorce Recovery Group
• Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling
• Divorce Mediation: Design Your Own Divorce