Individual Psychology was founded by Alfred Adler. It is a cognitive, goal-oriented, social psychology interested in a person’s beliefs and perceptions, as well as the effects that person’s behavior has on others.  It is one of the few psychologies interested in democratic processes in the home, school and work place.  Individual Psychology promotes social equality, which means granting each other mutual respect and dignity regardless of our inherent differences.
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1 A Call For Broader Applications Of Alderian Theory: Rudolf Dreikurs Revisted
2 Adlerian Family Counseling: An Overview of a Systemic Approach
3 Adlerian Theory
4 Birth Order And Ordinal Position: Two Adlerian Views
5 Do Teachers Understand Children?
6 Dreikursian Insights
7 Encouragement 101: The Courage to Be Imperfect
8 Encouragement in the Family
9 How Far Can You Go and Still Be Adlerian?
10 Life Style Identification and Assessment
11 Open-Forum Family Counseling
12 Private Logic and the Logic of Social Living
13 Sanity in Our Schools an Interview with Rudolf Dreikurs
14 The ABC's of Guiding The Child
15 The Art of Encouragement
16 The Technology of Conflict Resolution
17 The Three Life Tasks
18 The Tools of Encouragement