timgeri2501We focus on improving relationships between people – and with ourselves. Our therapists successfully work to increase understanding of the various elements that create our inability to get along with the important people in our lives. We do this without using cookie cutter definitions and psychiatric medications. Your life story deserves more respect and interest.

The idea that only those with a mental illness can benefit from therapy is a myth. Changes, stress, and problems can be expected in any relationship, and therapy can help prevent small problems from becoming serious.

Meaningful relationships are central to the "good life”. The choices we make will determine their quality. We can create them only if we take responsibility for ourselves without controlling or changing other people. When we make wise choices and change our attitude and behavior for the purpose of improving relationships, others will be encouraged to make wiser choices and change their attitude and behavior.

We can help you improve the quality of your life if you're willing to put in the work. Whether you have family, marriage, child issues, or on the brink of divorce – you owe it to yourself and others to talk with us. You will be making an investment in your most important asset, yourself and those you love. Your happiness depends on how well you get along with the important people in your life. We will do this without the use of psychiatric drugs which suppress and distort your emotions and interest.

timlistening3501We are confident that we can help you improve the relationships and therefore the happiness in your life. Our decades of experience allow us to give you that guarantee.

We specialized in the following services:
+ Invididual Therapy
+ Couples Therapy
+ Family Therapy
+ Divorce Mediation
+ Sex Therapy

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