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Marriage today is often the battleground on which the husband and wife, each dubious about his own place, fight for dominance. All predicaments and hardships serve as tests. Yet, financial difficulties, in-laws, sexual problems, infidelity, incompatibility whatever may be considered as the cause for marital trouble-is not in fact the cause of the trouble but the occasion at which each feels defeated. As long as the relationship between husband and wife is friendly, as long as they are not in competition and do not resent each other, difficulties and predicaments bring them closer together and stimulate their common effort to deal with this dilemma. But in an atmosphere of rivalry and competition, each blames the other for their common plight; each feels neglected, humiliated, or abused, and consequently each makes the partner feel unfairly criticized and judged.

p. 135, Social Equality, Rudolf Dreikurs.

We may pretend we are happy and nothing is wrong, but we can’t pretend to be healthy; we don’t have that kind of control over our physiology.

William Glasser, Choice Theory, p. 85

Courage, is taking action, knowing you will make a mistake, and you do it anyway.