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“Finally, Maslow gently railed against the conformist ideology of the times. We can learn one key lesson from self-actualizers, he said: fulfillment in life never comes from following the crowd, but only from being faithful to one’s yearnings and talents. Social adjustment should never under no circumstance be seen as a way to happiness: rather, the path may lie in resisting prevailing values. As he often asked rhetorically, ‘The question is–adjustment to what?’ p. 216

The Right To Be Human, Edward Hoffman

My thoughts, behaviors, and choices influence my happiness. Life is made up of one-third what I say and do. Another one-third is the choices the people around me make in which I have no control. Hopefully, my wife will continue to choose to be with me. I cannot control her choice. I can decide how I will behave in hopes that she will find me pleasant and interesting, but in the end the choice is hers. The final third, which again I have no control, is what the universe, biology, nature, or what some believe to be God determines. I have no control over a hurricane hitting Tampa or my cat having heart disease. This is biology and nature. I do have a choice in how I want to interpret and related to these specific events—and what I choose to think about these things will have a major impact on my behavior, feelings, and physiology.

Courage, is taking action, knowing you will make a mistake, and you do it anyway.