“Since there is no brain pathology to cause what are called mental illnesses, almost all brain drugs prescribed and accompanied by a lot of advertising and doctors support, have a strong placebo effect. This effect is seen when double blind studies are conducted and neither the patient nor the doctor knows which is the placebo and which is the medication. Often the placebo works better than the drug because the placebo can do no harm.

Unhappy people pay thousands of dollars a year for medications that are no more effective than sugar pills. They are also prescribed strong pain medications that are no better than aspirins or over the counter pain pills. Many of these drugs are not only ineffective but some can seriously harm to you.

… Practitioners such as acupuncture professionals, yoga teachers, herbal healers, message therapists and other hands-on practitioners are often very effective because they provide both the relationship and the information—scientific or not—that people want to hear. The close attention and support of people whom you believe in and whom you believe care about you, especially if they touch you, has always had a healing effect.”

William Glasser, M.D., Defining Mental Health as A Public Health Issue

Relationships can be extremely inefficient but effective. Nothing can replace a father’s relationship (one of quality) with his son or daughter; no matter how much success he has accumulated.

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